About DogeLabs

DogeLabs is an independent blockchain research firm focused on developing new real-life use applications for Dogecoin protocol in collaboration with other blockchain developers. www.dogelabs.io



Tom Bustamante, Founder & CEO of DogeLabs

I founder DogeLabs to build a network of blockchain developers to help build applications utilizing the Dogecoin ecosystem. Dogecoin's high liquidity, speed of transaction, and brand loyalty above all else makes it a perfect platform on which to build applications, micropayments, and user rewards.

Join us for the journey to the Moon, and beyond!

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DogeLabs Advisory Partners


AI Venturetech, Inc. is an rapidly growing community of accredited investors and application development firms seeking first-line access to early-stage artificial intelligence and space technology companies. www.aiventuretech.com



Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) is an intellectual property, manufacturing and logistics firm originally founded on inventing renewable energy technologies. The company has since expanded into other divisions including the energy, space, software, and medical industries. These key areas of focus have led to the development of four subsidiaries of which GEC is the parent company: Geometric Space, GeometricLabs, Geometric Medical, and Geometric Gaming. www.geometricenergy.ca



Data Syndicate is a fintech mechatronic accelerator focused on the intersection of cryptocurrencies, supply chain technologies for both terrestrial and commercial space markets. Data Syndicate was developed in collaboration with pointblank.company and the core team at Iteration Syndicate and RenaFinance to develop type-1 civilization fintech infrastructure, focusing on synergies within Robotic human machine interfaces both land and space and financial mechanism integration. www.datasyndicate.tech