Dogecoin Breaks Above 50-day for First Time Since May

Aug 7, 2021 Uncategorized

(NEW YORK)--Dogecoin (TOKEN: DOGE) broke above its 50-day moving average for first time since May as sentiment for crypto assets turns bullish near-term.

Dogecoin rose 17% over weekend as DOGE price broke above its key 50-day trend line for the first time since May crypto selloff.

After trading along its key 200-day support line for nearly a month DOGE found its footing and broke above its 50-day, which may indicate potential further upside in the near-term. The RSI has spiked to around 65 for traders are taking a wait and see if DOGE may trace back and confirm its new breakout trend on chart.

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DOGE-1 Space Tokens to the MOON!

In recent interview, Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) provided update regarding their SpaceX DOGE-1 moon project, and Space Tokens.

What are the Space Tokens? GEC is working with SpaceX on the DOGE-1 moon project to load a CubeSat on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which will take it into orbit on its way to the moon.

To advertise on the CubeSat, people have to buy tokens to claim, locate, and design a pixel on the CubeSat display screen.

There are five tokens to choose from — $BETA for the X coordinate, $RHO for the Y coordinate, $GAMMA for the brightness, $KAPPA for the color, and $XI for time.

IterationSyndicate (ITS) will provide governance, with Renascent Finance (RENA) will provide liquidity pairings.

Once in orbit, a selfie-stick attached to the side of the CubeSat will be able to film the display screen and livestreamed it on YouTube or Twitch so anyone can tune in to watch.

Would you like at advertise on the moon? Now you can, with the DOGE-1 space tokens.

…Dogecoin to the MOON! Literally.

Swap DOGE to NFT Your Pet

DogeLabs is exploring integration of Dogecoin into Pawtocol (TOKEN: UPI) NFT blockchain platform geared towards pets, and pet owners.

With over 400+ veterinarians now signed up to the Pawtocol platfrom Doge holders would be able to leverage their Dogecoins to pay for pet visits, purchase pet products, or even launch an NFT of their own pet.

If Dogecoin holders could swap into Pawtocol UPI token to pay for pet supplies or annual vet visits this could offer a win-win for investors, and more importantly the animals.

Pawtocol recently announced plans to list their company on public stock exchange.

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