Dogelabs Explores Utilizing Dogecoin for Pet and Veterinarian Services

Jun 24, 2021 Uncategorized

(NEW YORK)–DogeLabs announces plans to explore utilizing Dogecoin for potential pet and veterinarian care services through Pawtocol platform.

DogeLabs announces plans to explore ways to integrate Dogecoin around Pawtocol’s (UPI) pet related blockchain platform. Pawtocol is a global online community of pet lovers who aim to disrupt the pet industry by leveraging blockchain and NFT technology to monetize data about their pets, improve owners’ purchasing experience, and help veterinarians to deliver better care.

Pawtocol’s blockchain technology provides users cutting-edge privacy and security features, including complete control of their data and the ability to get paid for securely selling it to data buyers. With the help of AI, the platform will offer pet parent’s helpful, personalized guidance with everything from buying treats to providing healthcare. The company’s integrated, NFC-enabled dog tags makes interacting with the platform simple and intuitive.

Doge Meets Pets

Dogelabs will explore how could it integrate Dogecoin into the Pawtocol pet blockchain platform to allow Doge users the ability to virtually adopt pets, purchase pet supplies, and earn Universal Pet Income (UPI) for their own special fury friends at home.

Staking Income for Vet Visits

Another area to be explored is staking programs where Doge holders could stake their Doge or UPI in pools to earn income that could go towards annual veterinarian visits. This would be a great way for users to stake some of their holdings specifically for their pets and earn income to pay for annual vet visits to preventative check-ups and services.

Tom Bustamante, the Founder and CEO of DogeLabs commented, “As we explore real-life use cases for Doge we figured who doesn’t like animals, and especially their own pets. We will explore potential use cases where Dogecoin users can utilize their tokens to purchase pet supplies, pay for veterinary visits, or to help animal rescue shelters in their area.”

Pawtocol is traded under symbol UPI

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