DogeLabs Launches Telegram Channel to Bring Together Dogecoin Developers

May 5, 2021 Uncategorized

(NEW YORK)-DogeLabs announces the launch of its official DogeLabs Telegram Channel to begin building a global community of Doge enthusiasts.

DogeLabs announced the launch of its official DogeLabs Telegram channel to begin building a global community of blockchain developers interested in building applications off the Doge protocol.

The goal of DogeLabs is to bring together some of the best minds and insights from blockchain experts who have a keen interest in building new commercial applications off the Doge protocol.

Interviews and Conferences

Some of the features we are planning include interviews with some top supporters of Doge platform to discuss their insights on the future of Doge and where it might be headed next.

We are also exploring the possibility of a Dogecoin Investor Conference in New York City, and Tulsa in coming months where fans of this project can meet, and listen to some of the top players in the field discuss latest news and what’s next for this project.

But please, no dogs allowed in the venues, lol.

High Interest Since Launch

Since our initial launch of DogeLabs the interest has been far beyond even what we expected from both larger investors, to program developers around the globe wishing to work with our lab to support Dogecoin.

There is no doubt we will have an endless supply of news updates in the coming days to weeks so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we invite everyone to join our DogeLabs Telegram channel at

Investor Updates

For investor updates on the accelerator lab please register at

For startups interested in learning more on how our lab may assist them please contact us at

About DogeLabs

DogeLabs is a blockchain research lab located in New York City and Tulsa, OK focused on developing commercial applications around the Doge protocol. The goal of the lab is to bring together developers and enthusiasts who have interest in the Doge blockchain.


TulsLabs, and DogeLabs, are strictly research firms focused on the development of blockchain applications, and in no way is involved with the buying, selling, issuance of any cryptocurrencies, or investment advice.

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